Tomato Planters for Gardeners on the Go

Tomato Trellis1Snowy Sundays always give me a little time to poke around on the net, and we found a couple of interesting tomato planters that could also be used for cucumbers and other tall plants.  The first one that caught my eye was the “Tomato Trellis Garden on Wheels” by Hydrofarm.  Large enough to grow at least three tomato plants, possibly more (or companion plant some other edibles), this one is big enough to need wheels.  Expandable with drop-in trellis, this would work great on a patio in just about any setting.  Self-watering, too!

tomato barrelThe next one is the smaller round “cousin” to the Tomato Trellis Garden on Wheels: the “Tomato Barrel“. Enough space for one plant, it can be moved easier and can fit in the corner of a sunny room to provide tomatoes without the need for bug sprays or worrying about critters from snagging your summer treats.

At $54.99 and $23.00 respectively, the Tomato Trellis and the Tomato Barrel are great containers for the apartment/condo gardener, as well as those who may want to extend the season by bringing the plants inside before the first frost.

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