Aerobic Comfrey Tea Update

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was looking for and found my “bubbler” from the old tank, complete with the hose and a small air stone.  Cut down a lot of comfrey, put about 1/4 of a bucket full (compressed with a rock), added water, started the bubbler and added the lid.  Within two days, it was a dark muddy color, and didn’t stink.  I didn’t stick my face in it, but it didn’t knock me over when I removed the lid, either.  This is a good thing, since it’s right near our front door!  Have a lot more comfrey I can experiment with, but I may just continue to aerate five gallon buckets full throughout the rest of the summer.

Aerobic Compost Tea – look up  Dr. Elaine Ingham “…Bacteria-dominated compost is best suited to vegetables and herbs, while fungi-dominated compost is good for berries and fruit trees. …”

“… For a four gallon batch, continue to aerate the brew for twenty four hours.  The aerobic tea is ready to use when it has either an earthy or “yeasty” smell or a foamy layer on top. If it smells bad, continue to aerate it until the smell goes away…”  -from


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  1. Charles Kelm says:

    Thank you. I will start aerating my comfrey tea. I liked your reference to Ingham. She does tell people NOT to use airstones, since they make the tea become anaerobic. She says you’re fine without them.

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  1. […] The second method, if I can find it, is  a more “aerobic” method in which you use an aerator (from a fish tank) to keep the oxygen in and the anaerobic creatures in check.  Hoping this creates a less smelly concoction (update 2011-07-03 – yes, it’s not as smelly!). […]

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