Vertical Garden DIY

Vertical Garden using a palletWe’ve seen several vertical garden DIY’s from using old shoe organizers to custom crafted walls.  They have always intrigued, but not to the point of pulling out the saw or rearranging the shoes to create one.  This is an easily created vertical garden could be created in a couple of hours, filled and planted, then set out in the yard without looking like an eviction was taking place, or set on our unfinished cellar floor near the sump pump with a couple of modifications (like a small aquarium air pump and a tube into the sump) to automatically water the garden.  If you have an old plastic kiddie pool (not the inflatable type), you could keep the moisture off the floor too, and make your own “aquaponics” garden too!  Uh-oh,  the project muse is rearing her head – hide the hammers!  See the complete Vertical Garden DIY at

Couple of ideas:

  •  A 4″x24″x36″ pallet would hold approximately 2 cubic feet of soil
  • Strawberries could be planted every 12″, interplanting them with lettuce or borage

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