Day 16 – Slow Going

Planted more in the rain – actually in the mist.  As I was moving soil from a very wet ground into  banana boxes, I did not sift the dirt, but moved it shovel-full by  shovel-full, to keep from mixing the soil and binding the clay.  In the boxes on the end, I added about twenty comfrey leaves as the next to the last layer of dirt.  We’re A/B split testing a miniscule amount of comfrey here, – about 1/8″ layer under a 1″ layer of soil, but it will be interesting to see if there is any difference.

This is the fourth bed of the cucumber/pea/bush bean companion planting.  The only difference is a little bit less room (7.5 sq. ft vs 9 sq. ft). One of the  hacks I am not taking advantage of is pinning fencing between the boxes to hold it up, since we need a three sided fence.

Potato plant starting to grow in the banana boxThe potato-banana box planting is starting to grow, hoping to get some sunshine so I can cut more lawn to put in the box.  I may have to go buy some mulch hay, or hope the bedding has been placed out from the horses nearby.  If there is no sun by Saturday, between acro classes, ballet rehearsals, garbage hauling, etc., I will need to get something.

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