Day 26 – Review

Here’s where we’re at so far: the bright green beds are planted, the olive beds are waiting for the Gardenhacker to make more time and get out and plant!

Spreadsheet showing the different garden beds with the different crops.

Just eleven more 3' by 3' beds to plant...

Peppers and squash will probably go out next, while I think about how to keep the fur bearin’ so-and-so’s from my carrots this year.  My successful beds were within an enclosed area, where rabbits couldn’t get in and dine. Now that they’re out in the open, (the last couple of years), they’ve been eaten by something…  stay tuned to find out what I decide – probably going to be several different deterrents, just like the several different beds we’re experimenting with this year.
I’m testing out Feedshark, so that’s what the link below is.

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