Day 8 – Lasagna’s Assembled!

Lasagna bed - a garden bed made up of layers of compost and compostable materials

All covered but the end!

That was easy! Well, actually a lot of it was done last year. Since it has had about six months to cook, it’s actually ready to go, so it’s really “maintenance layers” from this point forward.
A lasagna garden is also known as “sheet composting”, where you are planting right into the sheet compost bed. Patricia Lanza wrote an excellent book by this name. Her recipe includes using peat moss, though she states that the laters depend on what you have readily available.
My layers are (bottom to top) Compost, grass clippings, soil, leaves, manure, grass clippings [this year] manure, grass clippings, garden soil, grass clippings.
The next bed that we’re going to be clearing and checking is my “wicking bed” – this is an idea from Australia that I’d run across and tried the year before, with some success.

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