Don’t Be a Seed Scrooge!

Okay, I admit it, I’m a seed miser when it comes to my packets.  I just looked in my collection and found several of them mostly untouched dating back to 2011.  Some may germinate, but I’m not betting the garden salad on them.  Better planning for succession planting, planting most if not all the seeds in the packets and giving them away, trading the unused seeds with neighbors in the same year I bought them are all better use than where they are now.

The lettuces from years gone by are going into the indoor containers regardless, I’ll be planting them on the same day I plant my first batch (I plant greens biweekly), so if nothing shows up then I replant with this year’s seeds, and plant liberally.  Same will go for the tomatoes, the beans, the snow peas, etc.  All my favorites from years past will be put out. If they germinate – great! If not, their pots or plots will be replanted.  Helps get rid of the clutter, too.

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