Gardenhacker’s Garden Update

The potatoes are taking off, despite the extreme wet weather,  bought some starts at the Williamsburg Farmer’s Market including some orange melons, Paul Robeson Tomatoes, and an heirloom I never knew about: Northampton Paste Tomato(aka Northampton Italian Plum), went down again and picked up some Early Girl tomatoes and some European Oxhearts (always wanted to try these).  The cucumbers never sprouted, so I picked up a couple of these as starts too.  The peas finally showed up, and after digging through my collection of seeds I found some “Boston Marrow” and “Yugoslav Finger” squash (similar to Patty Pan – a family favorite).  They all seem to be sprouting (thank God – a summer without Patty Pan around here would be bad…).  The first of the strawberries came up, along with the Alpine strawberries that are putting up a good fight with the grass in my yard (the kids are helping them too, saying “Don’t mow there, Dad!”).  Never was one for a putting green for a lawn, but I may need a mini-combine to harvest soon.

The horse farm where I typically get my aged manure from has given up on me and spread it over their own pastures, so it will be late summer/early fall before I can “harvest” more of that,  but there’s always wood chips for the pathways.  May put out a sign saying “Wood Chips Wanted” and see what happens if I get lazy and don’t want to cart the stuff on the weekends when I bring our recyclables to the transfer station.  Off to plant the beans, transplant the new tomatoes and generally scuff around picking out the odd weed (oh, and cut the grass, too).

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