Gutter Gardens

Gutter Gardens are easy, handy, low maintenance gardens that can be hung on walls, fences or just out of reach of most varmints.  They make gardening for those that cannot stoop easy, too.  Here are a few examples I’ve found around the web:

  • Using gutters indoors with blackboard paint.

    from Indoor gutters and blackboard paint. Hmmmm.


  • Gutters as balcony planters with strawberries growing inside

    Life On The Balcony. Traced down from a spammy site. Great information.


  • Gutters repurposed as hanging planters

    Drill and Fill, then hang. Be sure to anchor the bottom one to the ground in case of heavy winds! Found on


  • Gutters held aloft on welded rebar shaped like the letter T.

    From the House of Joyful Noise, a great set of planters. Would be concerned with our high winds, though


  • A-Frame freestanding gutter garden

    Free standing gutter garden on an A-Frame

    Gutters on a fence growing lettuce

    Picture on Make Magazine site shows gutters on a fence. Great use of small spaces


The upsides of gutter gardens are the efficient use of space.  The downsides are:

  1. Only shallow-rooted plants
  2. Dries out quickly
  3. Winter weather could damage what they’re attached to
  4. If against a wall the moisture could lead to wood rot.


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