Outdoor Gardening is Over? Not Quite…

We’re getting our first frost tomorrow morning, so the remnants in the garden will be coming in.  Most of the tomatoes got struck down by a late blight – except for “Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes” that are the best thin skinned cherry tomatoes around IMHO.  The only reason you don’t see them in the stores is because they don’t travel well.  From the garden to the kitchen is fine, and they’ll last up to one week in the open air (we don’t like to refrigerate the tomatoes – takes away from the taste).

All that’s left to do in the garden is

  • dig up a few more potatoes
  • clear the heirloom debris
  • sanitize the tomato cages
  • lay down a killing mulch
  • wood chips for the paths (we fill our recycle bins with wood chips from near our “transfer station” aka dump that have been piled there since 2008) – about 1/2 of a path between the beds every week
  • roll up and store the hoses
  • mulch and manure the asparagus patch (have to get more of these growing again!)
  • prune back the blackberries

Nope – the outdoor garden still has plenty to be done before the snowfall – just doesn’t inspire as much as the spring when the snow peas and the radishes burst forth with their green tenacity and hardiness, but it’s kind of a “thank you” to your garden for a season of fresh food.

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