Paghat’s Garden: Slug control

Yuck. Okay, after reading why he believes that spraying coffee does not kill slugs and snails (a good article, but I’m still making an extra cup for now), I ran across this article.  Sluggo has iron phosphate in it, which is also good if you don’t want any moss in your yard.

The Hack: using Sluggo, or some other version that has iron phosphate in it, “…The best time for long-term control is to treat the whole garden in the dampness of autumn. That way, come spring, there will be very few adult slugs to lay their eggs. Another treatment might be useful in late winter or early spring. I’ve found that twice a year does the trick. And of all the things I ever tried previously, none of them achieved the level of effectiveness I now take for granted. …”
Paghat’s Garden: Slug control.

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