Polycyclic Epidemics – Know the Disease Cycle

Illustration from http://www.apsnet.org

Late blight has hit most of our tomato plants.  Matt’s Wild Cherry’s have so far shown resistance, but most of the others have been affected.

The Hack: Bag the diseased plants, DO NOT COMPOST – it will only grow you a new crop of fungus next year.  Hoping the potatoes are doing okay.

Polycyclic Epidemics.

See also: Potato Late Blight Fungicide alternatives

For a good pictorial, see: Late Blight Symptoms from Cornell U.

“You can’t spray if you are going to go organic,” Clark said. Copper-based fungicides that can be used in organic growing are in short supply, Clark added.

“…Not all of Clark’s tomatoes have been lost. An heirloom variety called “Mr. Stripey” and the cherry tomatoes seem to be resistant. Clark has planted a new crop of tomatoes in his greenhouse, so he’ll have some later in the season. …” from http://www.salemnews.com/punews/local_story_224220157.html

Look for Safer brand fungicide or get http://www2.yardiac.com/long.asp?item_id=32949&AID=10378099&PID=3344049

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