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Comfrey Tea Composting Update – PU!

Within the first two days, the comfrey tea was looking dark brown, and not smelling at all. Great! I did it – or so I thought.  “I’ll just let it go for a week – let it get really ‘good’.”

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Day 35 – Experiments in Composting

Seems the 30 min/day is going to be more of an “average” than a set in stone scheduled time for me.  With young children’s schedules for acro, ballet, etc., along with work, trips to the “transfer station” (where we bring

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Make a Compost Bin from an Old Storage Tub : Planet Green

From Planet Green, a simple DIY project to make a composting bin from an old storage bin.  Be sure it’s at least 3 cu. ft so that it’ll heat up properly.  You’ll also have to turn the pile once a

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Quick Fall Cleanup Hacks

The nights are getting cooler, I’m sneezing a bit with the onset of the furnace kicking in again. One concern I’ve heard of from quite a few people is that they’re composting potentially diseased plant materials into their next years

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More on Dynamic Accumulators: green cover crops

“… Green Manures-An Investment in Your Soil’s Fertility There are many times during the season, and at different stages of plant growth, when you can till under a cover crop. Each time has virtues and drawbacks, and choosing a time is

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Should I compost the weeds?

“Several links to many weeds for use in compost, as companion plants(!), as cover crops, and more. “… Mentioned are the more obscure sulfur accumulators: “…Calamus, Caragreen, Coltsfoot, Eyebright, Fennel, Garlic, Meadowsweet, Mullien, Mustards, Nettle, Plantain, Complete article after the fold

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