Seed Suppliers

Ran across a seed supplier that I haven’t used, and realised I’d been meaning to do this for some time. I fall prey to the catalogs in the winter like most gardeners and forget that there are a lot of other suppliers out there with more modest means, yet still have excellent quality supplies.  Going to try to flesh this out over time with rating system, size of company, etc.  For now:

**from abundant life seed co: “…Biodynamic agriculture is the oldest certified ecological farming system in the world, and has an assurance of quality since 1928. Founded by Austrian scientist and philosopher, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, this method regards the earth as a living organism and strives to renew the soil in order to produce food that is full of vitality and is deeply nourishing. Just as the USDA certifies seed as organic, the Demeter Association certifies seed as biodynamic. Unfortunately, biodynamic varieties cannot be sold as organic in the US since the Swiss and German farms that produced the seed are not USDA certified. Some varieties previously labeled Organic are now labeled Biodynamic. This is a pity for those of you who need certification papers for certified organic production. If you don’t need the paperwork, grow and enjoy these wonderful selections by these dedicated seedsmen. For more information on biodynamic farming or the Demeter association visit these web sites: or …”

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